Thursday, 17 December 2009

(iv) Following the Money

Many CIA intelligence analysts were at a loss to understand why Claus had such an interest in exporting Heroin from Afghanistan. It was the sterling work of investigative reporter Barry Stringer (now deceased after an apparent suicide) that ascertained that Claus was in fact funnelling the money he made off the back of the booming Heroin trade in the United States into Taliban coffers; thus keeping the insurgents well armed, well funded and more importantly, keeping the war going indefinitely into the 2010’s.

Claus shares in Haliburton and BAE Systems were riding at a premium by the end of 2008. Speculators predict Claus would sell of his shares some time around the end of 2011 before the much touted withdrawal of allied troops.

The manifestation of a large lake in Giza, Egypt in 2006 was originally dismissed as pollution through its sewage-like appearance. However Dr. Lester Freamon links this to papers found in Lapland relating to transport costs and the commissioning of a Toblerone 755 ft sides and 481 ft tall. He theorises a failed espionage operation in this case. Receipts were also found from Minibars Inc. for four million individual ferrero rocher with corroborating wrappers. Investigation of records during the seizure this Feburary revealed that outgoings for presents were allocated to rich children only. The Lapland Vaults were empty but for three chocolate coins, two golden fleece and Jason the Argonaut's decapitated corpse buried in the frozen soil of an old pear tree.

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